The VAS Cloud Approach

Simple, fast, and highly scalable for all customers, providing long-term added value and saving time-consuming and costly individual connections, certifications, and future updates

The VAS Cloud makes the difference

Terminal Client is deployed on the POS. All VAS Cloud Services are not in the scope of PCI-DSS or local payment procedures

The VAS Cloud Universe

Terminal Client

It resides on the terminal and is conceptually like a device driver for the platform-specific hardware functionalities, which gets all commands to execute the specific hardware functionality from the central cloud platform’s Virtual Terminal.

Virtual Terminal

Is a “clone” of the physical terminal. It resides in the VAS Cloud and is agnostic of the POS operating system and payments application. It processes commands from/to the POS device and communicates with the VAS Cloud Services.

VAS Cloud Services

Deployed, activated, and maintained in the Cloud. Therefore, once the Terminal Client is installed and operational, no further updates are required at the POS level. All Services deployed in the Cloud are available on all connected POS terminals.


Provides Partners, Merchants, and the SHC Support team access to the VAS Cloud Services. Merchants, Services, Users, Devices, and Locations can be managed via the VAS Cloud Portal. Additionally, the Portal provides controlled access to the Transaction log.

Partner Connection

The Partner has access to terminal information, Transaction logs, and all relevant master data required to operate the VAS Service via the VAS Cloud Portal. The onboarding process for a Partner consists of a bulk upload of a provided master data file containing all required information. 

Service Connection

The VAS Cloud uses REST API specifications for connection to the Service Provider’s systems.

The VAS Cloud API specifications are adjustable depending on Service Provider’s technical requirements.

Technology partner: Ingenico

Ingenico is a merchant services technology company based in France, that facilitates secure electronic transactions. The company expanded as a manufacturer of POS payment terminals to also include complete merchant payment SaaS and related services.

Multi-vendor platform

The VAS Cloud is platform-independent in terms of operation, but the terminal client is platform-specific.

We support different vendors and platforms like Ingenico TETRA and AXIUM, CCV, and PAX solutions.

Frequently asked questions

The VAS Cloud is all but proprietary.

  • It is completely hardware(vendor) agnostic.
  • The VAS Cloud Services run on various operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • The interface to connect a terminal client to the VAS Cloud is established via an open API.
  • The VAS Cloud Portal is connected to the VAS Cloud Core Cloud Platform via an open API.

Communication between terminals and the VAS Cloud is highly secure and always encrypted with key exchange procedures.

The Terminal Client can be installed using the Vendor proprietary TMS or NSP TMS.

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