The SHC VAS Cloud

Innovations for POS terminals take a lot of time and effort and involve high costs. The SHC VAS Cloud offers a uniform platform for the development and operation of services across all POS manufacturers and payment service providers – and thus solves the greatest challenges that currently exist in the German payment market for the various players. SHC’s VAS Cloud enables the development, rollout and operation of value-added services as a “managed service” and thus creates an “all-round carefree” offer for merchants, terminal manufacturers, payment service providers and service providers.

The advantages

The SHC VAS Cloud offers many advantages. It allows retailers, manufacturers and POS service providers to quickly and cost-effectively bring new services and features to the terminal – without having to go through a lengthy process for every small software change. With the SHC VAS Cloud, no PCI-DSS certification is required. SHC provides such innovations as an all-round service: from conception, development and implementation to operation as SaaS.

How does the SHC VAS Cloud work?

The SHC VAS Cloud uses open interfaces for third-party applications on the POS terminal and has developed its own technology for this purpose. More precisely, SHC does not develop its services on the terminal software, but in its own cloud environment.

Why is the SHC VAS Cloud service simple, fast and highly scalable?

The SHC VAS Cloud is offered as an “open system” and “shared service” for all interested parties. This means that:

  • All services are available to all VAS Cloud customers
  • New services can be activated easily and quickly on all shared terminals
  • All new terminals work with all existing services.

The VAS Cloud Service is therefore simple, fast and highly scalable for all customers, providing long-term added value and saving time-consuming and costly individual connections for the future.


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